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Clinic Appointment Booking System

Demands on health care have dramatically risen in the last year under the Covid-19 pandemic, but improving health care quality, coverage, and outcomes within the resources available, is a constant for health care systems.
Healthcare organizations are nowadays adapting to the different KPI’s to improve the operations, To ensure the patient safety and staff operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Analyzing the KPI’s gives insight to the management, to fine tune the day to day operations, to optimize the performance that meets best practices. And also know where improvements may be needed.

Below are the few KPIs which are Important for health care organization:

KPI’S for Healthcare Operations:

1. Patient waiting time: This can help with staffing and scheduling and also provide insight into time taken by each patient in the waiting room, before receiving the consultation.

2. Average number of patient rooms in use: Shows how well space is used to treat patients and helps determine if more or less space is needed in the facility. This also helps the management to know whether appointments are over booked or under booked.

3. Number of ER visitors who leave: This may help determine if more beds or staff are needed to handle the number of patients coming in. Many times, due to long waiting time the patients tend to leave  even before their turn for consultation.

4. Staff-to-patient ratio: Demonstrates the number of staff available per patient, if the patients appointments are higher, management can plan the resources accordingly.

5. Infection control and Patient safety: Infection prevention and control maximize patient outcomes and are part of providing effective, efficient and quality health services.

6. Patient follow up: Measures the number of patients who receive follow-up after their visit to the facility. After the visit, management can schedule the follow-up to know weather the treatment they received is satisfactory.

7. Overall patient satisfaction: Calculates satisfaction levels by combining several factors, like waiting time, time taken for report generation, times the patient has revisited and feedback for the staff.

How Does ERP help??

To empower the management team, to evaluate the day-to-day operation our ERP can handle the tough job very easily.

       1. Appointment Booking: The patients can easily  select the time of their visit and the doctor they would like           to consult, by themselves, the Patients get a confirmation email for their visit, once the admin has confirmed the  appointment.
Appointment Booking

  1. Discussion: The patient can directly communicate with the administrator to change the appointment details or give the other medical information. This feature helps to reschedule the appointment and doctor can share the prescription with the patient securely.
  1. Centralized Data: The Doctor can have the medical history of patients visited, at one place, all the medical history and reports can be stored under patients database for easy and accurate access.

  1. Appointment booking for various medical tests/Diagnosis: The Management can receive real time data about equipment slots and occupancy for machines like CT Scan, X-Ray and other medical equipment.
    This feature allows the management to analyze and deploy resources accordingly.

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