Business Operations

Business Intelligence Tools for advanced decision making

The start of the fourth industrial revolution brought several technological reforms in existing business strategies used by all major industries. The internet of things to cloud computing, present-day businesses are equipped with advanced software tools and cutting-edge technologies. An increasing number of businesses organisations are adopting data-driven strategies to upscale their products, services, and deliver greater value to customers.

Here are common business analysis provided by ERP

Sales Analysis

You can use various filters to retrieve the relevant data in no time or divide it into different segments for easy access. You can use features such as line graph analysis, bar graphs, and pie charts to get an organized view of your sales data. Analyzing sales data helps you extract valuable information about your customers’ buying patterns. Accordingly, you can optimize your sales strategies to reach out to the relevant audience and push them down the sales funnel.

Lead Nurturing

CRM modules can provide a detailed view to track and analyze your leads. It also allows you to group your leads by various criteria like
+ Location (country/state/city),
+ Gender,
+ Age, business type, and many others.
Our ERP also has filters to easily retrieve the lead data, set time ranges to compare it with the previous leads.

Employee Performance Tracking

With ERP, you can easily evaluate your CRM efforts as well as the performance of your sales team. As a result, you can take appropriate measures to improve your sales strategy through effective resource allocation and task scheduling.

Inventory/Stock Level Analysis

Our ERP inventory module is equipped with all essential BI tools and analytics features to provide a holistic view of inventory. You get clear reports and real-time insights into inventory and warehouse data. Besides, you track your inventory movements, average delivery time, stock receipts, inventory turnover, and valuation.

Closing Thoughts

A good Business Intelligence report supports businesses’ decisions and answers their queries about their data… Analysts can leverage BI to provide performance benchmarks to make the organization run more efficiently. Analysts can also spot easily the market trends to increase internal performance of the teams.


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