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From old school to 21st Century

Previous ERP focuses on an unchangable workflow, lack of scalability, collaboration, integration tools. 21st Century next generation ERP can collaborate, integrate with other apps and flexible in nature.

What is the next generation ERP

From old school ERP to 21st century ERP
Old School ERP

Need extra expensive database or server license software cost

High maintenance cost for server ( setup, maintenance and backup)

Working in a static way – cannot add workflow, same report structure, no extra modules

Always keep loading – slow database design

ERP solution from old-school erp to 21st century erp
21st century ERP

On-premise server or cloud versions

Work with multiple systems, multiple processes at the same time, switching and adding easily within ERP

Machine learning, AI analysis, chatbot, IoT, Social,Mobile friendly

Collaboration by chat, email, team message inside office or from mobile devices

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Unique Selling points

for TIL’s ERP services
Government funding advisory services for ERP or CRM

HKSAR offers maximum HKD 200,000 for IT projects to improve your productivity. If your objectives include Branding, Upgrading and Mainland China Domestic Sales, then HKSAR can offer up to HKD 1,000,000.

Automation focus features from next generation ERP

Special or critical orders reviews. Auto approval for standard orders – leave standard orders for the system

Business process consultation via ERP solutions

There is a way to remove or simplify repeated processes or duplicated data input. We inspire your users and lead your team to work smarter, save more time, create more values for customers instead of manual inputting

Flexible and unlimited scaling up and adding extension to enhance ERP functions

Flexible workflow, functions, API, 3rd party application ad social apps. In case of adding new module and features, just one new button within same platform and database ( no need to new development).

Interface and functions for ERP today not 2000s

A social tools like channel, tag, whatsapp like instant messenger, email integration for your young 80s or 90s workforce. Multitasking interfaces e.g. running different operations at the same time (sales / inventory / shipment).

Solid Industry experiences

Food wholesaling and retailing | FMCG | Electronics | Professional services | Property Management | eCommerce | Packaging | Manufacturing | Regional offices operation

Our ERP Modules / Functions and Features Categories

erp pos

Become an Intelligent Enterprise with TIL’s ERP solutions

Sales / CRM
  • TIL’s ERP supports multiple sales mechanism (wholesales, retailing, recurring)
  • ERP system also provides real time inventory data during order creation
  • Duplicated customers checking
  • ERP system enables table, Calendar, view for order management
  • Single view on quantity ordered, delivered and invoiced
  • Copying functions like excel are available in our ERP system
  • Different approval workflow within our ERP
  • Automatic items merging can also be done in our ERP
  • Customized purchasing rules
  • Incoming product control center is a critical part in our ERP system
  • Copying functions for similar orders
  • Customized warning messages
  • Multiple warehouses, zones and shelf locations is basic to your ERP system
  • Internal transfer
  • Stock reservation
  • ERP gives quantity analysis based on products, orders, customer and shipment
  • Incoming and outgoing scheduling with reminder
  • Real time values for different valuations can be obtained by using ERP
  • ERP provides auto updates based on department / teams
  • Schedule tasks with reminders
  • Chat box / messages between staff
  • Integration with corporate email system from our ERP system
  • List / calendar view
  • Financial accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Our ERP also provides management accounting and budgeting
  • Send reminders to customers with outstanding balance
  • Production work orders and scheduling
  • Production work orders and scheduling
  • Integrating supplier chain via ERP system
  • Maintenance ( Equipment mgt. and requests)
  • Engineering (PLM, BOM and versioning) functionality is embedded into your ERP system
Self Servicing Center
  • Customer portal
  • Supplier portal
  • Summary for partner
HR, Attendance and Leave Management
  • ERP system offers online leave application
  • Multiple level approval
  • Assigning approval rights during vacations
  • Attendance and leave reporting can be generated by ERP
  • ERP system is equipped with intelligence tools for Appraisal Management
  • Managing HR employment data more efficiently through ERP data analysis
Sales Intelligence Analysis
  • Bird’s view through figure and chart from our ERP
  • User-based dashboard view
  • Stock reservation
  • ERP allows you to utilizing multiple level filtering and grouping for analysis
  • All sales intelligence data from your ERP can be exported to excel files
  • Integration to management by exception

Successful ERP Implementation 

ERP implementation steps 01.jpg

What’s NEXT?

TIL provides remote demo, technical material, ballpark figure and solution advisory


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