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How to grow business with E-Commerce using ERP

How to grow business with E-Commerce using ERP

In the fast evolving world, the small and business sized businesses are now shifting the sales channel to E-Commerce. E-Commerce is very attractive for customers to order the goods and services to be delivered at their doorstep or on-demand.

When you leverage ERP software with your e-commerce functions, it can make many tasks simpler and faster. The specific functions ERP software can assist with depends on the type of business you own and the software you integrate. 

“Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer”

How ERP Helps In Customer growth?

Order placement: ERP software can assist in the order placement process by automatically setting into motion the next steps, such as calculating the shipping costs or creating a shipping label.

2. Customer updates: With ERP software integrated into your e-commerce platform, automatic communications are sent to your customer, such as when an order is received, an item has shipped, or an item has been delayed in the shipping process.

3. Inventory details: When an item is purchased, an ERP system can automatically change the inventory count which prevents customer orders from getting to completion if an item is out of stock.

4. Marketing Automation: Create automatic & targeted marketing campaigns · Craft sophisticated end-to-​end customer journeys · Design engaging email campaigns in minutes.

Operational Benefits of ERP:

ERP offer many benefits to a company’s online ordering processes and procedures, including:

Ensuring stock is sufficient: Hand-keying stock can lead to human errors and wastes employee time. ERP solutions automatically update stock, ensuring these numbers are accurate and current.

Simplifying order tracking: Customers want to know where their orders are and when they can be expected. An ERP solution updates order tracking and automatically alerts customers on the whereabouts of their orders as needed.

Automating accounting tasks: By automating accounting tasks, the potential for human error is eliminated. An ERP solution that assists with accounting can ensure your business turns-in accurate numbers.


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